VALUE FOR MONEY is the common theme running through the Blue Rabbit® programme.

During design the best materials were selected for each product. Plastic components are UV-stabilised and hence colourfast, just like the plastic roof covering of the Blue Rabbit® towers. These are made of UV-resistant and waterproof polyester canvas.



All Blue Rabbit® ropes are made of user-friendly “polyhemp” roping. These ropes have a natural aspect, do not overheat sensitive young skin and in addition consist of almost indestructible resin. All Blue Rabbit® rope connections are made of very durable plastic joints. No complicated and time-consuming accessory assembly: all Blue Rabbit® components are ready for use and available nicely packaged.

All Blue Rabbit® boxes are also protected against moisture absorption by means of plastic shrink packaging.

For smooth assembly you will receive the required bits and drills with each Blue Rabbit® tower and swing construction. Ground anchors are also delivered with all Blue Rabbit® tower and swing modules for anchoring the equipment.

You know that with Blue Rabbit® products you don’t buy an empty box but top-quality products that are delivered ready for use. You can recognise all components by their Blue Rabbit® logo and the rope connections with personalised plastic joints.

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