Blue Rabbit® modules can be added to Blue Rabbit® towers at your own pace. The Blue Rabbit® @SWING module fits any Blue Rabbit® tower and the Blue Rabbit® @SLIDE module is also a favourite with all children.

In each tower you can replace the ladder with a module on which your children can climb onto the platform.

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This swing module can be added to any Blue Rabbit® tower.
The @SWING module also includes the Blue Rabbit® swing seat and ring trapeze.


This option is suitable for those who want to determine which Blue Rabbit® accessories to add and who do not opt for the standard accessories in the @SWING module.



By securing the strong 26-mm polyhemp climbing rope on both sides with a heavy duty U-iron on a wooden climbing wall you will get an extremely solid Blue Rabbit® @RAMP climbing wall.


The @WALL module allows you to build an adventurous climbing wall with your Blue Rabbit® tower. The climbing stones are made of sturdy colour-pigmented resin.



Simply connect any two Blue Rabbit® towers with the @BRIDGE module. All combinations are possible. This sturdy bridge is designed to please all kinds of young acrobats and adventurers!


Durable and soft-to-the-touch “polyhemp” rope is the basis for the
Blue Rabbit® @NET module. This module guarantees hours of playing pleasure.




A challenging climbing pole that needs to be attached to one of the openings in the platform. It will be used for endless up and down climbing.


For the brave at heart, there is this strong firemen’s pole that allows you to slide down very fast!




Modular climbing construction that can be positioned in 4 different ways due to the connection in the middle of the metal structure. This allows you to adapt the degree of difficulty according to the age of the children. A very innovative product indeed!


The Blue Rabbit® @SLIDE module is a strong HDPE slide provided with connection hardware and a Blue Rabbit® sticker with logo.



The ideal module for swinging fun with two back-to-back seats.
Blue Rabbit® @DUOSEAT comes standard with two sturdy Blue Rabbit® swing hooks especially designed for this dual seat.

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