Blue Rabbit® towers are developed with a view to safety, sturdiness, durability and playing pleasure. The recommended minimum timber measurements guarantee strong construction.

The accessories as well as  the constructions have been checked by TÜV Rheinland Product Safety. The towers and playset constructions have obtained  the TÜV Bauart geprüft certificate. This does assume that instructions in the Blue Rabbit® manuals are meticulously followed and only original Blue Rabbit® components are used.

All beams are connected with solid bolts and all nuts are protected with plastic bolt caps. All Blue Rabbit® towers have a set of ground anchors and all the required hardware, including drills and bits.

The space under each Blue Rabbit® tower can be set up as a sandpit. And, whoever builds a Blue Rabbit® @SWING also owns a sturdy swing.

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The top model among Blue Rabbit® towers has a large two-level platform, a polyester pitched roof, standard ropeladder and ample additional options for Blue Rabbit® modules. You get the cream of the crop when you combine this tower with the Blue Rabbit® @SWING module and the Blue Rabbit® @SLIDE module.


This sturdy tower with a wooden roof has an adventurous climbing wall which is irresistible to any child. If you add an @SLIDE module to the free opening you will get a very sophisticated playframe, a dream for every child.



Indestructible tower which resembles the Loft tower with an assymetric wooden roof, large rectangular platform and space for a big sandpit. There are 2 openings in the platform that will hold 2 Blue Rabbit® modules. Combined with a Blue Rabbit® @SWING module, your children will enjoy this playframe for many years to come.


Great tower with wooden roof, ladder to the platform, two sets of handgrips and two ground anchors as well as space for adding the Blue Rabbit® @SLIDE module or another Blue Rabbit® module. If you add the Blue Rabbit® @SWING module to the tower then you have a brilliant playground equipment.




Luxury tower with asymmetric polyester roof, delightful square platform space for a large sandpit. Two apertures in the platform make room for two Blue Rabbit® modules. Add a Blue Rabbit® @SWING module and you have a playground equipment on which children can have guaranteed fun for years to come.


A bold and original Blue Rabbit® tower with revolutionary roof construction, equipped with a sturdy polyester roof cover. For those who want something different. All it takes is a Blue Rabbit® module to complete the set.



High-grade Blue Rabbit® tower with very spacious platform in the shape of a podium with top-quality jutting polyester roof. In addition to the ladder there are two apertures in the platform for two Blue Rabbit® modules of your choice.


The perfect playing tower for small gardens. A ladder gives access to the platform to which the Blue Rabbit® @SLIDE can be attached. Sturdy hand grips on both sides. Two ground anchors come in the box.




Compact playing tower with ladder to the platform and second aperture on the same side for adding a module such as the Blue Rabbit® @SLIDE or the Blue Rabbit® @ NET. Two ground anchors, two sets of handgrips and a knotcord are delivered standard in the box.



A smaller construction to be combined with a Blue Rabbit® @SLIDE module. Under the stairs you will find a great playden made out of top quality waterproof polyester. This simple but innovative tower is aimed at people with smaller gardens.



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